Creditor List

Creditor List! This is a very important part of the process. I ask you provide a complete List of Bankruptcy Creditors.
This is one of a few ways to present your list. You can also email or fax them all on one entry if that is easier.
Please be sure we have every creditors full address. A creditor without a street address and city with zip code, will be deleted.
The importance of the Creditor List is explained in the B6 continuance provided by the Official Form 6 Schedule F Instructions.

Enter as many lists as you need to supply each creditor. If a creditor is on all three credit reports, please only enter it ONE time.

More than One Collection Agency

If you have more than 1 collection agency (say it is Sears) - just enter the name and address of the collection agency as a new creditor, but do not enter the amount, date opened, or account number, and in the type of debt write "collection for Sears".

Questionnaire 5 - Unsecured Creditors

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Once you have started your case, I will then send you a complete creditors list to ensure it is entered correctly. You can edit that at no charge prior to filing!

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